About me

Fernando Lavoz (Chile)
Fernando Lavoz  Bustamante is a freelance documentary photographer based in Santiago, Chile.
He studied Bachelor of Arts at the University of Chile. His work is mainly focused on personal documentary long-term projets. 

He collaborates with international media in the coverage of news events. Winner of the Photography and Human Rights Award 2013. First place in Foto Prensa 2016 with the project Portraits of the Memory.Second prize category Sport Series Contest POY Latam 2017. First place in Foto Prensa 2017 with the project El elogio de la sombra, category sport. First place in Foto Prensa 2018 with project "Danae", Honorable Mention in daly life with " Images of resistance" and Honorable Mention with the portrait of the musician Jeff Parker.

His work has been published in magazines and newspapers, including TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Hollandse Hoogte BV, Stichting Global Voices, New York Daily News, L´Humanité, Bayard - La Croix, The Hufffington Post, Unikornis, Deutsche Welle, Le HuffPost (Algeria), DPA International, ESPN.


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